Siete—It Is Finished

Most of us have heard God’s voice in the sound of a calm breeze, seen the wonder of His majesty in the expanse of beautiful blue skies, and witnessed His amazing creations in even the smallest of animals that scurry along the ground. Yet, there is an entirely different side to God’s character. His message […]

Give It to the Lord and Let Him Guard Your Heart

It is natural to want to defend ourselves when someone does us an injustice. We want to clear the air and tell our side of the story in hopes of restoring the relationship. Thinking we can handle it ourselves instead of giving it to the Lord can cause even greater resentment. Here’s a situation where […]

Why Wait?

Have you ever grown tired of waiting on something or someone? Well, you’re not alone. I remember a time in my life I prayed for a home, and the wait seemed endless. It was a time of transition for me, and I was growing weary of waiting on God. I did all but stomp my […]

The Cleansed Bride has left the Building

When I realized that God often gave me revelations and prophetic messages in my dreams, I began to pay closer attention to them. On first remembrance, my dreams might appear meaningless or confusing, but when I pray and ask God for answers, He is quick to open my eyes to His deeper meaning. Some of […]

The Spirit of the Spider

In January 2021, I dreamed of a large house where men were busy helping the residents move. One of the movers in the house was attempting to lift a heavy fish tank, placing his hand on the inside of its glass. When I saw that he was unaware of the lurking spider, I called out, […]

I’m leaving my wife and I’m leaving the Church in January

In December 2020, I had a dream of a Pastor standing in front of me. He said, “I’m leaving my wife and I’m leaving the Church in January.” This Pastor was the same pastor who was in my dream titled, The Cleansed Bride has left the Building – Destiny Ministries Life. The bride of this […]

God Is Getting Us Ready for Something BIG!

In Joshua 3:5, we are instructed to, Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great things among you. I began to examine what God meant by the word “consecrate.” God showed me that a time of consecration happens when you truly set yourself aside and dedicate yourself to God. As we consecrate ourselves to […]