a Celebration of Freedom

I Am Encounter, a Celebration of Freedom

The goal of the I Am Encounter is to raise awareness of individuals, families, and our community concerning the opioid crisis. Many governmental agencies, professional organizations, and political leaders have campaigned to administer assistance to those held in bondage by abusive substances, but still, the afflicted find little relief. Why? Although these entities have helped, the true walk to freedom and complete restoration must be done hand-in-hand with God. 

This is where I Am Encounter can make a powerful impact on the lives of so many. Our focus is to bring businesses, government, educators, and evangelists together. In unity with God’s might, we become an unbeatable force to create onsite healing and takeaway post-care programs for individuals and their families. It takes hard work, desire, repentance, and belief in God’s promises to forge a pathway to success, but we are determined and diligent.

I Am Encounter is a global response to a worldwide opioid problem. Attending are international speakers giving testimonials of how God led them to make the choices that gave them freedom from addiction. Daryl Strawberry, a former MLB player, is one of many dynamic speakers whose shared experiences captivate attendees and inspire them to let go and let God make a difference in their lives.

Rather than the problem of addiction being the focus, we believe the next generation of treatment must be more holistic. It’s not about the problem—it’s about the person! It’s time to move forward with God and focus on a more loving approach and accountability for all participants. God is the “Great I Am,” and He has destined “I Am” Encounter as the safe place for people to reconnect with their self-worth to discover His purpose for their lives. Now that’s truly a CELEBRATION OF FREEDOM!

The I Am Encounter, a Celebration of Freedom was held at the Linda K. Epling Stadium, 200 Stadium Dr., Beckley WV. 25801.

Speakers and musical guests included Daryl Strawberry, Mark Burns, Judy Jacobs, Tim Craft, and Zero Doubt. Stay Tuned for the NEXT I Am Encounter Event