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About the I Am Ingathering, a Celebration of Freedom

The I Am Ingathering, a Celebration of Freedom is a national movement beginning in the state of WV. The opioid crisis has majorly impacted individuals, families, and communities in this nation for years. The future of our children is in grave danger and we all need to come together and eliminate this epidemic.

The goal of the I Am Ingathering is to raise awareness of individuals, families, and our community concerning the opioid crisis. The true walk to freedom is implementing the faith component. Our focus is to bring businesses, government, educators, etc together, implementing tools of accountability to maintain freedom. The collaboration of organizations, programs, and ministries effective to date will be a crucial part in the post – care of individuals and families who are set free. We know that it will take everyone coming together to start the pathway of success.

Speakers from across the globe will be at the I Am Ingathering giving testimonials on once being bound by addiction to now living a life of freedom. Daryl Strawberry, former MLB player is one of many who will be speaking at the Ingathering. Local and state wide organizations, faith based programs, and ministries will be in place at the stadium to connect those needing accountability.

The next generation of addiction treatment must be more holistic in nature, addressing the whole person as an individual with a problem, rather than the problem being the focal point. We must move forward to a more loving approach in a setting that is warm, safe, and more individually focused and outcome oriented. If only one person turns their life around from these events, it will all be worth it!

The I Am Ingathering, a Celebration of Freedom was founded by Tim & Diane Epling of Destiny Ministries.

Speakers and Musical Guests include: Daryl Strawberry, Nate Davis a.k.a. Zero Doubt, Mark Burns
I Am Ingathering will take place at Linda K. Epling Stadium 200 Stadium Drive, Beckley WV
October 9-10, 2020
Darryl Strawberry