The Cleansed Bride has left the Building

When I realized that God often gave me revelations and prophetic messages in my dreams, I began to pay closer attention to them. On first remembrance, my dreams might appear meaningless or confusing, but when I pray and ask God for answers, He is quick to open my eyes to His deeper meaning. Some of my dreams seem rather raw, even crude, but I share them just as God delivers them. In telling the following dream, some of the events might be somewhat indelicate, but know that there are times God must speak strongly to us—shake us out of our stupor to get our attention. Forgive me if I offend you in the process, but perhaps God is trying to wake you up to His truths!

The Dream

I was in the pastor’s house, surprised by the walls made of aged and darkened wood. In the blink of an eye, I found myself in his daughter’s bathroom. After going, to my dismay, I realized there was no tissue paper. I desperately searched the room for something to use when I noticed a thick shirt that apparently belonged to the pastor’s daughter. I remember thinking, “I hope she doesn’t get mad, but this is all I have.”

Next, I was in the living room, with a window to my left that covered the entire wall. I was amazed at the light radiating through its panes, filling the entire room with its warmth. As I admired the scene, the pastor walked toward me and said, “I don’t know why she’s still sleeping. I told her not to, and she’s been asleep since 2:00 pm. It was already about seven or eight o’clock in the evening, and I was ready to leave, so the pastor waved me toward the door and followed me outside.

Just outside, there was a road with a flat piece of land on the hillside. I could still see the house with the vast window as it peaked over the lot of parked cars. Looking back to the cars, I saw two young girls getting into their vehicles to leave. I sensed that once they left, I too could exit in my vehicle. Other people were milling about—young and old—all heading toward their parked cars to go. 

When I looked to the pastor nearby, I noticed his wife sitting alongside him on a bench. Others were with her, but she stood out with her black top and sunglasses masking her expressionless face. I thought it odd that she never once turned her head to the right or the left but sat still looking straight ahead. I remember thinking, “She doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m here. Can’t she see me?”

When God speaks to us in our dreams, He often moves us quickly from one place to the next with no seemingly smooth flow. It’s not like watching a movie, but rather a sequence of people or places that reveal God’s message when we delve into the dream on a deeper level. God wants us to search and discover His truths, so when a dream seems confusing or convoluted, the best thing to do is pray for clarity. So, that’s exactly what I did—I prayed, and God gave me the following interpretation. 

Seeking answers from God in prayer is an important piece to dream interpretation. When you know God is speaking to you through a dream, it can be tempting to immediately share it with several close friends to get their take on what the dream could possibly mean. However, be warned! Although some pieces of a dream can have universal symbolic meaning, other parts of the dream might carry special meaning just for you. Go to God. If you remain troubled or unenlightened about the purpose of your dream, ask God to lead you to an interpreter. Only then will you find truth and benefit from the message He is imparting. 

God’s Revelation

The Pastor

Represents God.

The Living Room

This was the place of revelation.

The Daughter’s Bathroom

This symbolized a cleansing.

The Sleeping Bride

In the old, dark house resides the sleeping bride of Christ and the cleansed bride of Christ. One is content to stay while the other is ready to go. 

The Daughter’s Garment

God was showing me that I was His daughter. A daughter of God belongs to the royal family of God. (Ephesians 2:19) So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household. In (Psalm 45:13) we are given a picture of a daughter of God. The King’s daughter is all glorious within; Her clothing is interwoven with gold. 

God showed me who I am in Him, and that I am cleansed with a garment of gold. He calls us His children. (1 John 3:1) See how great a love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God, and such we are. For this reason the world does not know us, because it did not know Him. Oh, God loves us more than we could possibly imagine. The joy of it all. I am His daughter.

The State of the Church

The church needs to awaken to God’s original intent in His messages, and its people need restoration. (Matthew 26:36-46) speaks of the time Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane. He took His disciples to Gethsemane, instructing them to stay there while He went to pray. Jesus took Peter and two sons of Zebedee along with Him. The Scriptures show us how His soul was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death, as He said asked those with Him, “Stay here and keep watch with me.”

Jesus found them sleeping when He returned to them after praying. He then asked Peter, “Couldn’t you keep watch with me for one hour? Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

Jesus separated Himself to pray two more times, and every time He returned to the disciples, He found them sleeping. “Look, the hour has come, and the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners. Rise! Let us Go! Here comes my betrayer!”

God has been warning the church to WAKE UP, but the church, just like the disciples, have failed to heed the warnings. Wake up bride! Open your eyes! You must keep watch and pray! But the sleeping bride3, oh this sleeping bride of Christ. The time has come, the hour has come and your eyes are heavy! You are disillusioned! You have fallen into a disillusioned state!  

The Numbers

When I left the pastor’s house, I knew it was seven or eight o’clock. The number seven is one of completion. The number eight is that of new beginnings. It is time!

Parked Cars

The cars parked outside represented ministries. Some were new and others were old, but all the people were getting into the cars and leaving. The Lord spoke to me, “It’s time for Ministries that have been parked and waiting to go forth in the earth.”

As I looked, I saw an old car that had been restored to its original condition. It was absolutely beautiful! As it was moved from its space in the tall grassy edges left behind that it had been there for an extended period of time. I heard the Lord say, “There are Ministries that have been sitting for years, preserved and waiting for their time to go. These Ministries have been restored to their original condition. Now is the time for them to move into their calling and Destiny. I have preserved and restored them. They will be used for my glory!

The Wife on the Bench

The sleeping bride has fallen under the influence of the enemy. Her black garment and shaded eyes symbolize her darkness, and she no longer sees what’s right in front of her. She’s been sleeping so long that her eyes are now heavy. She will sit on the sidelines while the Cleansed Bride of Christ moves upon the earth.

The time has come for God to separate the cleansed bride from the sleeping bride. It’s time for a new beginning church!


The Cleansed Bride Has Left the Building!

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